Animals have been an integral part of Andrea's life since the very beginning.  Growing up with German Shepherd breeders in the family, Andrea was exposed to the life cycle of dogs and learned to appreciate and respect them at an early age.  From walking and petsitting her neighbor's dogs to teaching her own dogs to "sit" and "down", Andrea soon acknowledged her calling and pursued it intensely. With the addition of a 2 year old Miniature Pinscher, Hennessy in 2003 came a little firecracker with uncontrolable food and owner aggression. Andrea worked with trainers in her area to understand and try to begin to correct this problematic behavior, and that was the jumping off point in her career.  Learning that she was the cause of the owner aggression and finally starting to grasp why the food aggression was so severe lead Andrea to working each and everyday to break Hennessy of his unacceptable behavior.  Old habits die hard however in the mind of the dog, and day in and out Andrea was bitten and challenged  by her new "love".  It took many years of work, and as a matter of fact the work continues today to mold Hennessy into the model "Canine Good Citizen" he holds inside.  In 2007, Andrea felt she needed another "spark" in her life and that's when she found Remy Martin.  A 7 week old Border Collie/Smooth Collie caught her eye on PetFinder.  Andrea picked her up the next day and from the first minute Remy was left alone Andrea knew this was going to be another challenge.  After contacting the rescue who fostered Remy, Andrea found out the "real" story.  Remy's mother was a kill shelter dog, and she was euthanized immediately following the birth of her pups.  The pups were bottlefed and hence, lacked the bonding and socialization with their mother and littermates.  Separation anxiety, fear aggression and socialization were major issues in Remy's early months, but Andrea helped her slowly overcome and face her fears.  With the virtue of patience and a great mentor, Andrea and Remy grew together mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  An abrupt move threw a monkey wrench into future plans, but fast tracked Andrea on the road to success.  After her relocation to Florida, Andrea was offered a full time dog training position with many continuing education opportunities ahead of her.  She has attained her Dog Training Certification, Nutrition Certification, Pet Weight Loss Coach Certification and AKC Evaluator Certification.  With her plate nearly full for now, Andrea still finds time to catch up on her reading of dog behavior and holistic pet care books and volunteering with Bay Area DART (Disaster Animal Response Team), as well as take care of her pack which includes: Remy Martin, Dasher, Moscato and Chrome.




PetStylist Certification


Dog Training Instructor Certification

Regional Dog Training Mentor

Companion Animal Nutrition Certification

Canine/Feline First Aid

Certified Small Animal Specialist

Certified Reptile Specialist

Certified Aquatics Specialist

Certified Avian Specialist



Nutrition Certification 

Pet Weight Loss Coach Certification



Nutrition Certification


Lealman CERT

FEMA CERT Certification


FEMA Independent Study Courses







Bay Area DART

DART Team Member

BP (Beyond Petroleum)

Hazmat Level 3-Oil Response Cleanup Certification

SkyWarn (NWS)

Weather Spotter Certification

Vet Recommended

Essentials Pet Care- New Port Richey, FL

Advance Veterinary- Dr. Sattler- Hudson, FL


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